30% of global nternet traffic goes through the company’s servers


(originally from BusinessInsider, tiger sniffing compiler)

if you watch the video on the Internet, the quality is good, then you should thank a company named Akami. Akami is neither a television station nor an operator, but a technology company based in. Akami in Hawaii, which is "intelligent".

Akami basically do is simple: users access to the data content placed in the distance of their geographical position near the place, accelerate the efficiency in the use of the internet. Akamai currently operates the world’s largest content delivery network, 30% of the total network traffic is responsible for Akami.

although this concept is easy to understand, but Akamai requires a large number of servers and excellent engineers to achieve the right experience. Akamai CEO Tom Leighton said in an interview that the company has more than one hundred and fifty thousand servers in the world, to ensure that the content in the shortest possible time to reach.

that is, on the real Internet, these servers together constitute a virtual Internet (virtual)". When the user needs data, Akamai’s technology platform will be the user’s needs to adjust to the path near the server.

Apple Corp since 1999 is Akamai customers, was to improve the viewing effect of QuickTime. Hulu also uses Akamai to accelerate streaming video, BBC, China CCTV website and the White House are using Akamai services. Not only is the video, the game giant SONY and Nintendo, startups Airbnb, retail giant Best Buy, and even the U.S. Department of defense.

last year, Akamai revenue reached $1 billion 580 million – this figure exceeded last year’s total CDN market is expected to total $2 billion 360 million half. However, the recent news that apple is working to implement its own CDN facilities. In this regard, Akamai’s chief executive officer, said, this thing is much more difficult than it looks."

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