March lottery sales fell 2 billion 62 million nternet channels have significant impact


technology news on April 22nd news, the Ministry of finance according to the latest statistics show that in March the total sales of lottery 30 billion 812 million yuan, down 2 billion 62 million yuan, down 6.3%, far less than the same period in 2014 20.3% year-on-year growth.

among them, the welfare lottery sales 17 billion 822 million yuan, down by $930 million, down 5%; sports lottery sales of $12 billion 990 million, down 1 billion 132 million yuan, down by 8%.

for lottery sales fell across the board, the official explained, is a lottery since April 2014, sales continued to decline; two is affected by the Internet to rectify, lottery numbers and lottery sales are down.

March, Lotto digital type lottery sales 20 billion 278 million yuan, down 1 billion 739 million yuan, down 7.9%; lottery sales 3 billion 453 million yuan, down 363 million yuan, down 9.5%; instant lottery sales 3 billion 80 million yuan, down 539 million yuan, down 14.9%; video lottery sales of 3 billion 961 million yuan, an increase of 614 million yuan, growth 18.3%; Keno lottery sales of 41 million yuan, down 35 million yuan, down 46.5%. In March, lottery numbers, quiz type, means that the type, type, type of video Keno lottery ticket sales accounted for 65.8% of total sales, 11.2%, 10%, 12.9%, 0.1%.

from the beginning of March this year, as part of the provincial Lottery Management Center suspended Internet lottery sales orders, some Internet lottery sites have suspended their online sales. In April 3rd, the Ministry of Finance and other 8 ministries jointly issued a document, clearly and strictly investigated and resolutely stop unauthorized use of behavior of Internet sales of lottery, reiterated that the current Internet sales of lottery management policy requirements, without the approval of the Ministry of finance, the unit may not carry out any Internet sales of lottery business.

in this document is issued, the original has the qualifications of 500 lottery also suspended the sale of color business at the same time, 500 lottery announcement that the company is working with, and will continue to cooperate with the Chinese lottery management center, the development of online sale of color management system, the company won the lottery sales qualification is still valid. (Ivan)

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