Children’s social networking site Everloop financing 3 million 100 thousand

June 13th news, according to technology blog TechCrunch reports, focusing on children under the age of 13 Social Networking Everloop completed $3 million 100 thousand financing.

to participate in this round of financing of venture capital institutions are vFormation, Band of, Angels Envoi and the angel investor Richard · Zeno (Richard Chino), Wayne Goodrich (· Wayne Goodrich), Tina · (Deena Burnett-Bailey); Burnett BELLE etc..

Everloop wants to be a child under 13 years of age Facebook (Facebook prohibits children under the age of 13 registered), its services include music, social games, video, photos, animation and some UGC content. Parents can monitor children’s activities on the site, to prevent the occurrence of inappropriate behavior, such as bullying, foul language, improper scale pictures.

Everloop hired executives Disney sandy · (Sandy Barger); Bulger as chief marketing officer, also hired former U.S. online sales vice president Tobin · Terry (Tobin Trevarthen) as Huateng executive vice president of business development.

Everloop is currently faced with the same purpose to build a children’s community Togetherville, which was acquired in February this year, Disney.

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