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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network January 9th news recently, the Jingdong’s pat Network announced that mobile shop management tools – pat micro shop APP will be on the line, the user can login on January 10th AppStore and the Android application market download.

with WeChat tools popular circle of friends to do business fast, so that some people predicted that the micro business will become the next Taobao. Although for the current micro dealer distribution system has a lot of do not look good, but at least a unified understanding is that no one is willing to miss the possibility of micro business bigger in the future. Derivative of the current market, the existing platform type represented by Jingdong of micro business, but also to micro, pocket third party service as the representative of the micro business, as well as pocket shopping on behalf of the micro business guide.

pat micro shop responsible person said that the launch of the single Yuhun, the tool will help the mass of individual users, the traditional wholesale market businesses and traditional network operators to the rapid transformation of mobile Internet, expanding opportunities to use social networks to WeChat, micro-blog, mobile phone QQ, QQ space.

in addition to open shop convenient fast, Dan Yuhun introduced, pat micro shop APP there is a core function, is its distribution system. The seller with mobile phone landing pat micro shop after APP, in the "distribution system" in the selection from pat of high-quality goods, these goods can be selected, select a key in his store on consignment sales, after the completion of the direct acquisition of commission rebate.

but this model is not the first to pat micro shop, Alibaba’s Amoy shop is also the same as the PC side of the goods through a number of mobile phone shop Distribution model. In October this year, the Amoy shop on the line not only for the future of mobile phones Taobao camp adds a App, but also to break the original Ali only hand Amoy wireless Taobao system, an important measure to reconstruct the pattern of micro business. The pat micro shop App on-line distribution system, quite with Amoy shop against the meaning of the child.

Analysys International Senior Analyst Lin Wenbin said, pat micro shop in the service of mobile terminal to refine the seller’s ideas are correct, but the current mobile provider in the development of a convergence, future marketing and customer service will be the focus of the competition platform. Platform wants to seize a higher market share, must be from the perspective of marketing, customer service breakthrough." Mainstream integrated class electronic business platform layout in the mobile terminal will be the main mode of mobile providers. The third party to do micro business platform will tend to compete comprehensive value-added services.

for micro shop will become the next Taobao, the industry is different. Some analysts pointed out that the micro ecological business development, pat micro shop to the center and the center of the combined strategy can get traffic to let the business living space at the same time, take fan fine operation, long-term win-win and eventually realize the merchants and buyers. Insiders also said that the current domestic C2C field, Taobao has more than 95% market share, pat want to shake the dominance of Taobao is still difficult.

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