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1 rush tickets to who can get mobile Internet tickets

May 2nd morning, Beijing, Haidian District, a university student Wang Xiaopeng habitually browse Sina micro-blog. Inadvertently, he found that micro-blog home on the low-key to more than a Taobao window promotion. "Just announced the cooperation, the promotion came out, the speed is quick!"

a few days ago, Alibaba shares Sina micro-blog just settled. Alibaba with $586 million in exchange for Sina’s 18% stake in micro-blog, and may be raised in the future to the number of people in the industry, which is considered as one of the most intense Chinese chemical reaction of the Internet for the first time in 2013. China’s largest electricity supplier platform and the largest social networking platform marriage, detonated a more intense mobile Internet grab tickets war.

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2 National Internet Information Office deployed to combat Internet rumors

in Beijing in May 2, reporters today learned from the state Internet Information Office, is a nationwide centralized deployment and combat use of the Internet rumors deliberately spread rumors behavior, has recently been investigated in Guizhou Lee and many other manufacturing and using the Internet to spread rumors deliberately people, closed a number of rumors pass rumors micro blog account, the public security organs a detention order punishment to relevant personnel.

reporter learned, Guizhou netizen Lee and Gongmou to attract eyeball, using their Sina micro blog account created and spread of bird flu occurred in Guiyang rumors, resulting in adverse social impact, the public security organs shall be given administrative detention for 5 days, Lee Gongmou 10 days of administrative detention punishment. National Internet information office according to the law closed more than and 20 micro blog account Gongmou, Lee et al.

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3.Xxx 90% pornographic website domain name prices only $7.85

two major Internet porn giant recently reached an agreement with a lawsuit, significantly reducing the price of.Xxx porn domain name.

Prior to

,.Xxx domain name registration price is usually between $70 to $100, the wholesale price of $60. However, according to the agreement, the transaction will be in May.Xxx domain price will fall sharply. Registered.Xxx domain name is only $7.85, the same price as the.Com domain name.

the lawsuit filed by Manwin, the company has a number of adult websites, including Brazzers, YouPorn. M>

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