Whether by Win 10 rebirth WP development process review of the past five years

Although the

Windows 10 layout Microsoft looks ambitious, but all the practice in Windows 10 on the Mobile does not seem to please consumers, including "looks very cheap" flagship Lumia 950/950XL, with the price low, the low-end machine configuration under a constantly bouncing Windows 10 official version Mobile. Stubborn Microsoft in the mobile phone market still did not show enough sincerity, Windows Phone is probably also the bland.

Windows Mobile operating system

earlier in the smartphone market is still immature, Windows Phone or a place. Especially Windows Mobile once more than 40% of the market share in the United States, but the "inertia" in the face of Microsoft iPhone and Android two is still the bright younger generation without action, basically give Windows Mobile sentenced to death.

Windows Phone 7 operating system

later, when the Empire collapsed in Saipan, NOKIA abandoned S60 and Symbian 3, Intel developed "mango" system, which is MeeGo. At this time, Microsoft has finally realized that if no action is really going to miss the opportunity, and in 2010 launched the Windows Phone 7, has entered the late Windows Mobile replaced. And this Windows Phone 7, is now known as the Metro design style (later changed to Modern) WP phone.

Windows Phone 7 funeral gate

funny is, in Windows Phone 7 launch, Microsoft’s Windows Phone team for the iPhone and blackberry (Android somehow survived) held a virtual "funeral", a group of people wearing outlandish costume marching in the streets, even for the iPhone ready "coffin" and posted a hearse Windows Phone 7 OS Platform Buries the Competition (Windows Phone 7 platform will bury competitors "posters). Of course, the reality seems to be just the opposite, now Windows Phone may not be "buried", but also buried in the vast sea of machine.

Windows Phone 7 has just been launched, along with a large number of tucao. You can’t imagine the first edition of Windows Phone 7 has a >

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