2016 nternet circle of those unexpected things

there are always things that happen every day, but we ignore them.

1, social products are still missing

China has entered the era of no social products.

do not say we have a chat tool is a social product. The objective reality is that we lack FB, Twitter, instagram, snapchat such products, not a. Only a circle of friends and micro-blog is also increasingly away from the essence of a social product.

2, O2O grew stronger in the blame

with the capital of winter (let’s say it), O2O as one of the largest demand for capital, the impact is not small. But throughout 2016, into the growth period, and even become a giant candidate Internet Co is precisely the most O2O companies in the field, and change the lives of most people, it is their.

(+Uber), takeaway (Baidu, Xinmei, hungry), second-hand car (seeds, everyone,…), shared (Mobell, ofo, cycling, this list can also be…) longer, refueling, parking, supermarkets, more and more Internet scene.

these companies are typical use of online technology (traffic, location, payment, user operations, etc.) to complete the effective combination of online and offline services. Maybe we can also known as Internet plus, even if one day we will call them as artificial intelligence, business intelligence, but the most accurate, it is still O2O.

3, line ups and downs shop

Zhongguancun electronics store completely disappeared, shopping mall by catering and theater for the guests;

week black duck on the lower line of growth, three squirrels in the line of stores, a large number of online car service app moved to the line to open the store;

when standard goods become more and more business, brand advantage more and more standardized service area, non-standard services can break the limit online management? In 2017, I am afraid to open / close the store will continue to be staged drama.

4, do not know the ultimate winner

video burn WarsLETV

fires burn himself, alongside Tencent and Iqiyi continue to add oil and wood, at the end of PPTV and jump out and put the satellite. Even mango Taiwan put the live broadcast on the Internet, not in the live broadcast. Big demand for the entertainment market to promote the giants regardless of the cost of burning. Entertainment happy, money can be Yilaishu. Users are also good, at least now can see the reality show more. Who will pay for the final? Advertisers, 2017, you have to hold on. But can’t you do it so badly?

5, the training market continued to make money effect

from CEO to investors, from programmers to small operations, two career training partners

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