The webmaster how to obtain a certificate of useless

      in recent years, the stationmaster is vulnerable groups, all weak and cowardly pronoun, may have many webmaster not happy, obviously you are successful, you are NB, but 1 years ago, 2 years ago, for a long time……

      do a webmaster, we must first obtain a list of "useless" certificate of

      first, to ensure adequate time to surf the Internet every day, every day staring at the hard screen, eye pain, pain in the ass, outsiders do not understand you! You must first learn to swallow


      many of the station to capital is limited, buy a domain name, buy space, like just born children, give them names, buy milk, buy diapers.

      however, those who encounter black hearted businessman, to you is the fake milk powder, the child can cause vomiting, diarrhea, we see these stationmaster dad heartache. But what is the way, continue to change milk manufacturers, continue to be deceived.

      finally met a good businessman the child’s godfather, give the child qualified milk, so that children can grow up! This process, you will learn to live


      the child was born, will give the child on the account, written on the height, weight, when we write is cautious, lest time delay the child’s future. You will learn to


      children, because the age is small, is not sensible, inevitably a little wrong what, we the webmaster father directly responsible, take good care of his growth, let him to go straight! Don’t let him learn any bad habits and bad habits, determined not to let them go astray! You will be too observant of conventional standards.


      in the webmaster father cared for day and night, the children slowly open, go out for his father to support the family owners, but…… The black heart of the boss always skimp on children’s wages, see the child wronged in outside, father’s heart. The webmaster of pain, but what can I do, only once again to help children change employers, looking at the eyes of a child once again disappointed helpless, stationmaster father first feel it is useless, it is useless, in addition to hold the child cry together and what way? Finally to a good boss, the boss is very good for the children, wages are basically not withheld, but is grumpy, but you have been very satisfied…… You will learn to accept


      waiting for the child’s career to be small

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