From barbaric growth to seek norms within six months of 108 nternet banking financing of nearly 2


since 2014, the rapid development of the Internet banking industry. After experiencing barbaric growth, this emerging industry has been recognized by the community and regulators. Since 2014, there have been more than and 200 Internet banking companies, including banks, listed companies and other capital investments. In the government work report at the beginning of this year, the Internet is the first mention of the financial industry, it is like a spring breeze, blowing open the door to the new financial capital markets.

in addition to the traditional financial institutions in different areas, many listed companies have begun to realize the importance of the layout of Internet Banking: many listed companies involved in Internet banking, not only the business space price promotion click into place. At present, there are nearly 100 listed companies through self set, holding or equity approach to the layout of Internet banking.

in the first half of 2015, more and more capital to see Internet banking brought good news, in addition to the listed company, many banks, brokerages and other State Department have also joined the tide of Internet banking, capital markets are stepping up the layout of the Internet financial.

first half of 2015 China’s Internet financial investment and financing market, the overall statistical distribution

in the first half of 2015, China’s Internet financial investment and financing market occurred in a total of 116 cases of investment and financing cases, the number of enterprises to obtain financing for the 108, the amount of financing of about $1 billion 939 million. According to the China network monitoring data show that in 116 cases of investment and financing, the size of the financing of the disclosure of the 102, but there are no specific disclosure of the amount of financing from 14. Access to the financing of the 108 companies, the 5 companies to obtain multiple rounds of financing, of which two get two rounds of financing, the 2 get three rounds of financing.

China Internet financial investment and financing market financing currency distribution of

in the first half two, 2015

in the first half of 2015 China Internet financial investment and financing market financing of $25, the amount of financing of approximately $676 million, accounting for 34.87% of the total amount of RMB 77; financing, financing amount is about 7 billion 832 million 722 thousand yuan, or about $1 billion 262 million 634 thousand and 800, accounting for 65.13% of the total amount; did not disclose the investment currency and amount is 14.


development model of each capital layout of the Internet financial enterprises are basically burn enclosure, and then seek development. At present, the brightest giants to enter the Internet led to the formation of the basic pattern of the financial industry, industry competition intensified. More and more lower funnel traffic behind the industry gathering, user precipitation difficulty, entrance cost increased month by month. With the development of the Internet, the financial industry, the cost of the enterprise was greatly improved, the pressure to further increase business operations, the platform will not weaken the desire for money.

three, 2015

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