A large number of employees to find half group purchase site closed down home

buy industry is shrinking. According to the latest report shows that 800 groups at the end of June, the number of domestic group purchase site is 2976, in September last year, the peak is 5058. In the first half of this year, a single turnover and the number of buyers fell. Buy peak has passed, leaving employees began looking for new jobs. Bold burn out numerous group purchase industry director and manager salary, a vastly higher than the general e-commerce site. Re employment psychological expectations of employees to become a new position to enter the threshold.

story 1:

18 thousand a month to get people up

in the buy industry just budding, Yang Nan went into a website began to buy business. With the expansion of the company’s development, the number of employees quickly close to 1000 people, the old staff are promoted to leadership. Only 3 months into the company, he became an account manager from the original salesman.

in March last year, the global group purchase originator Groupon in cooperation with the Tencent in the country to offer gaopeng. Because of Groupon and Tencent two wealthy shareholders, "not bad money" Gaopeng quickly began crazy poaching in the country, the entry in the first half of the industry of the south is at Gaopeng yang. The other side of the conditions are very tempting: 3 times the salary, the position from the customer manager or director of customer. Yang Nan no "Parry" "surrender".

from last March to April this year, more than 1 years with Groupon, the completion of the whole process from start-up company to the peak and then fall. After leaving the company after two months of rest, Yang Nan ready to find a new job. However, few people have seen headhunters, always feel unhappy in some company’s HR department after the interview, "from the first unit to Gaopeng, my salary rose from 6000 yuan to 18 thousand yuan, the post from manager to become a director. Looking for a new job, at least it should be so much income and level it, the total can not be mixed worse ah." This kind of psychological expectations makes him now or stay at home, but he still insist on these two conditions.

story 2:

quit the group purchase too late for regrets

Li Jing (a pseudonym) in a central level financial media work in an industry to do a long time, she was tired of some. At a friend’s recommendation, she entered a group purchase website, with the director of communications.

new company development is very fierce, the number of employees at the peak to thousands, to set up the site in the national each big city, not for money, just a scale, "our goal is to" listed company CEO slogans written on the wall, also printed on each employee’s mind, you do have very strong strength. The past six months, the company has nearly unlimited Nasdaq, and then passing, the number of CEO in the company of a large office platform appears gradually less. There are thousands of domestic buy, fierce competition in the industry, the companies do not make money. American investment environment

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