Flying technology Yao Jianjun from soldier to general on the dry cargo

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website made the transition to the game, 08 to 11 years to three years, the company’s accounts had not received a penny, even the house mortgage in order to maintain the company management. How is the total Yao technology step by step to the company to be listed? Entrepreneurship experience this way, look at his 7 suggestions.

Yao Jianjun, technology founder, chairman and chief executive officer.

since you are entrepreneurs, I think it may have a little dry cargo, it will not let this speech is too dry".

first, it’s important to know what to do,


a lot of things when you decide to do, it is doomed to failure, I think it is necessary to start with a careful consideration, not too blind. For example, now we are doing O2O, are doing social, then you began to quickly do a project, no more thinking. Once a thing is started, once started, it may take up a lot of time for many people throughout the team, and even many of the company’s resources.

if you don’t want to understand, what you do is wrong. We have the inertia of thinking, such as today to start doing this thing, this process may encounter some problems, but you will have to be pushed forward. It’s not right for you to think about this until you’ve run out of money and the money you have spent on your money is gone.

because many people are too hasty and blind, I hope you at the start of a thing before, take things a little more, looking for more people in the industry, or do you think more good people, to communicate with them, to see this thing you have to do in the end. There is no future.

second, at any time, care about your reputation;

no matter what industry you are in, reputation is very important. Because I found that in the past ten years, the people of the industry, there are always some people’s way is getting wider and wider, there are always some people get narrower. The difference is that some people simply do not pay attention to his reputation and reputation, and even personality, so that your chances will be less and less. So at any time you have to care about your credibility.

third, learning, continuous learning!

learning is the core, it is extremely important. As I just said, I am a dumbass, before 2000 from what I will, I began to do a website, the company, then step by step listed companies, all of which is by learning. I have not been to other companies on the class, on the management of a lot of things are on their own to understand, summed up. My friends around the enterprise are very good, learning ability is also very strong.


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