Ali mother Alibaba under the eggs

      click Register Ali mother, sell your site ad > >

      Ali mother this egg a few days, a few days ago in the office to talk about, not how to care, tonight when running the program registered a try.
(the first surface of my attitude to the Alibaba’s products include: YAHOO China/China Yahoo products are not very cold. I am a businessman, they can not bring me benefits, why did he catch a cold?

      log on the home page, spoof of the two segment of the video finished, there are:

      1 sell Steamed Buns friend some crooked mouth, Ali will certainly be able to find a more handsome man;
      2 potatoes video speed is good, I will not achieve technology;
      3 is necessary by Google, thousands of degrees to satirize the opponent? Know the difference between you and them. Even if more than or at the same level as they do not have to suppress others to raise their own quality problems.

      take XXXX as a web site, register an account, according to 1, 2, 3, the steps of the code on the site. Among them, I chose the "long time billing", 200 of the advertising fee per week (because I did not intend to really sell advertising). The description of the site to fill in a, B, C, D, e many options in addition to prove that Ali’s mother is not in place, I do not know what can prove? The use of web page classification, clustering, prediction and other related algorithms to come up with some more information than the owner to fill out their own data may be more difficult for Ali mother.

      select a 760X90 ad code placed in another temporary domain name in the iframe page,

      page display effect continues to increase my aversion to ali-inc products:

      I do not know this picture in addition to Ali mother advertising what other effects, just under the egg is also the need for publicity.

      click on the ad image into Ali mother page, I was surprised that the price is my offer 200 yuan / week, Ali mother how profitable? Such as eggs hatch, the cock to kill or sell? The page >

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