Cybersquatting trademark can be overnight Experts suggest that registered risk investment should be

low cost and low threshold for registration as a registered investment, but experts say there is still risk should be


Apple trademark dispute with Shenzhen Proview has outstanding, not only will be the focus of disputes, trademark registration into the public view, and the associated website registered domain name. "Cybersquatting has become a trend in users, a well-known bank manager Wu Yun told reporters, with the rapid development of e-commerce, many computer software users like him, especially in the IT Industry registered at least one domain, while the registered motivation is waiting for already registered name some day in the future become a new tool of trade.

IT who registered two domain name " "

"Apple and Shenzhen Proview

trademark dispute, is the tip of the iceberg" revealed, in a well-known bank to do technical work technical manager Wu Yun told reporters that the registered trademark or domain name is not only in the past few years the rise of the network popularization and the rapid development of e-commerce at the beginning, there is no less proficient in network worms from under the net registered trademark development to register the domain name, in recent years has become the trend. According to international statistics agency latest statistics show that as of January this year,.Com domain name registration exceeded 100 million, of which China’s registered volume of the world’s total of second. Last year, Wu Yun in the registered domain name online application for the registration of two domain names, domain names are BAOBAOSTAR, the suffix is the most popular in the domestic domain name.Com and.Cn".

26 English letters, why only a combination of "BAOBAOSTAR"? Wu cloud said, seemingly simple English letters, in fact there is mystery. "The domain name and baby supplies, translation is the ‘Baby Star’ means, which can be used as a trademark for baby photography studio, can also be a baby products, such as clothing, toiletries, pacifiers, can also be a preschool education center of educational institutions", Wu Yun introduced say, if there are similar or the same day after the name of the enterprise need to register "BAOBAOSTAR" domain name, you need to ask "I do not agree with". Wu Yunyi refers to this kind of "consent", that is, enterprises need money to his personal purchase.

".Com" domain name cybersquatting very smoothly, as easy as blowing off dust, from the application to register just a few minutes." Wu Yun told reporters, now 5 letters in the domain name trademark has reached the "full" state, can apply for the above 5 letter domain name cybersquatting is their investment, good luck, some day in the future you can sell a few million or even millions of dollars.

like Wu Yun this mentality, not a few. According to Wu Yun revealed that in his side and he is engaged in IT industry colleagues or peers, all hands are holding at least one has applied for a successful domain name or business

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