Police cracked an illegal operation on the nternet the valley of dragon plug case


the use of tools

in the game using plug-in

morning news (reporter correspondent Li Wendong Horatio) before the Gulou police cracked with online illegal operation of "Dragon Valley" in the case, arrested 9 suspects, the gang seriously disrupted the network operating order, destroy the fair game game player and a huge amount of money involved amounted to more than 100 yuan. The day before, Gulou police has the 7 suspects arrested.

across 3 provinces to seize the suspects


according to the Gulou Public Security Bureau police brigade responsible person, in May 2010, a Shanghai computer company called the police, a criminal gang in the illegal production for the company "game Dragon Valley" game (named tomato), and in the network of illegal sales profit. Police investigators found that the tomato plug changed the normal rules of the game, a serious impact on the normal operation of the Dragon Valley game, and the huge amount involved.

drum police arrangements for the police network together with the police station jointly cracked the case. Because the network case has its unique characteristics, must at the same time all the suspects caught, otherwise the suspect will soon escape, will bring trouble to the detection of cases. As a result, police investigators quickly collect evidence, one side to arrest suspects.

in September this year, police were dispatched to Jilin, Liaoning, Shandong and other places, the implementation of the arrest of the suspects, more than 2 thousand km trek, arresting 9 suspects.

for profit making game plug-in

after an investigation found that in April this year, Shandong Province, Qingdao City, a network science and technology limited company manager Zhang through chat with Netizens found that business "external Dragon Valley" game can reap huge profits, then orders the company staff Han, Su, Yang et al for making "external Dragon Valley" game named "tomato", called "Tomato English".

at the end of May this year, after Zhang et al of painstaking research, "tomato" produced successfully, as soon as possible in order to profit in the production after the success, Zhang immediately communicate via the Internet sales, using the selected agent approach to sales, and production of plug-in recharge card "".

sales monthly profit


after a chat and talks, Liaoning city of Dandong Province, a network company, a cover made agent qualification, then cover a respectively 140 yuan, 130 yuan, 120 yuan, 110 yuan and 100 yuan price several times from Zhang purchased "tomato" plug-in cards, totaling more than 9000 pieces. The total value of 100 yuan.

A cover of

in the total agency qualification, and the organization of the company staff, Gao Wang by setting the "XX Dragon Valley plug group" means to attract customers, and take the "tomato" plug-in increase 10 yuan, 20 yuan, 30 yuan.

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