Small and medium enterprises Baidu bidding account management program

e-commerce this year rapid discovery promoted the restructuring of the industry to do all of the network marketing, there are many small and medium-sized enterprises is no longer want to do network marketing, but how to do network marketing, successfully fought on the internet. The first is the thought of enterprise search engine marketing, so at the moment of their problems is how to do search engine marketing and get good returns, we specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises bidding Baidu account management plan.

first introduced an account management model "investment – transformation" model, the cost of transformation as the center, around the input, transformation, conversion rate of three dimensions. This model is composed of three steps, namely, the key indicators, key words and key words.

key index

key index refers to the US in 6 indicators of search engine marketing needs attention, are on average price (CPC), clicks, CTR (CTR), the number of conversion, the conversion rate (CVR), the average conversion cost (CPA). When we do business promotion, these data can be paid attention to in the Baidu account. (tip: the original Yao Ruibin, Baidu certified marketing consultant, a push SEM channel editor, speed transit network columnist, under the tutelage of "ground network marketing expert Jiang Likun, want to communicate more About Baidu for promotion friend, please visit Yao Ruibin (Pinyin) point card or use Baidu Search mother Yao Ruibin. Please retain the copyright information.


keywords grouping

said the auction in this group is not key words we said before early need after searching for core words and expand key steps, but on account of our group for a period of time the words put in advertisement after download and when we are in the group, according to the above mentioned I have those key indicators to block, at the same time we will have keywords grouped according to the following ideas, to grouped according to high investment, low investment, no investment and high conversion, low conversion, conversion combination.

keyword adjustment

keyword adjustment is suspended, price, matching, creativity, landing page or other (promotion area, length) when necessary to delete keywords.

according to the company’s products / services, the development of the corresponding cycle of keyword analysis and make corresponding adjustments. There is a keyword optimization should be done to follow the 28 rule, the entire account plays a key key words of the 20% key monitoring and optimization.

we have a very clear understanding of the "investment – transformation" mode of operation, then what are the advantages of this model, we specifically.


we have grouped the key words in the account, if our company’s products / services have a short season, then we just need to convert

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