Google destroyed Web

      Google  too strong. Search engine is no longer to reflect the popularity of a site, but to determine the popularity of the site. This is Daniel  Brandt’s statement. He is the director of the Institute for public information, an activist and defender of the public interest. Those who want to understand the Google operation and its potential danger should go to his site  see.  

        by virtue of its patented PageRank algorithm, Google quickly emerged as the dominant search engine on Web. Google in a way to suppress competition brings the exact place of the Web search. Its ability to search the home page and related pages is unmatched, and sometimes completely unthinkable. A large portion of the relevance ranking of Google is based on the return link to the query page. The more links, the more likely you are interested in the page.    

        Google also with keywords, but not only in those multivariate identifiers. It is actually found in the Web page, see where the word is used, so you can not take the old technology to search engine. The old technology refers to some provocative conditions over and over loading, some sites in the background even full of decoy word search engine on a white background, but you cannot see them. The new method is a good way to get rid of these practices.    

        however, the dependence on the link makes Google  subject to other spoof. As a web site network arranged in a crisscross pattern in a part of Google ranking than the equally popular but less front page links. Google strongly opposed to those trying to encroach on the relevance score of people, but it did not document their safety measures taken. A service that is known to manually reduce site scores if they misuse their ranking algorithm.  

        Google problem is that: the big website often ranking, because their link is very extensive, while ranking on the new site on the page so that they are often overlooked by.  

        Brandt is also very concerned about privacy issues. Although we have not yet heard of abuse, Go>

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