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technology news (Han Yimin) January 27th news, interactive APP Pui chat announced yesterday, has completed 100 million yuan B round of financing. This round of investment by Wei Chong shares and enlightenment education initiated the establishment of the fund led. Shell did not disclose the specific amount of financing.


chat Bay was founded in Guangzhou in August 2013, APP products by mobile phone and computer management system which can send free pictures and video, text and other information, and provide a single and multiplayer online chat, free home exchange platform is open for parents and teachers.

March 2015, Bei chat won the NetEase capital, ganji.com founder Yang Haoyong (micro-blog) millions of dollars in investment.

According to data provided by the

chat, as of January 2016, the Bay has covered 31 provinces and autonomous regions nationwide, more than 15000 kindergartens use shellfish chat, the user size of over 3 million.

Bay chat CEO Peng Yi said that the reason why the current round of investment options, mainly to see the future synergies may be associated with the future of investors and investors.

is one of such round of investment Wei Chong shares announcement, in January of this year, fund-raising not more than 2 billion 500 million yuan investment in preschool education industry. Of which 1 billion 200 million yuan for the kindergarten operation integration solution project, this project includes preschool education and entertainment content cloud platform construction, standardization of entertainment facilities and equipment operation, the kindergarten kindergarten teacher training and kindergarten information management system construction.

chat Bay existing 15000 kindergarten resources, is a potential user operation is to create integrated kindergarten Vtron solutions, the two sides are likely to integrate resources.

on the other hand, Peng Yi wanted to establish content barriers, to increase user viscosity and future commercial realization are very important, but the content needs a lot of money, start-up companies to bear, so the content of preschool education in the future Vtron investment, will also become the important resource of Bei chat.

2016, the focus will be on the commercial operation of the Bay chat on the realization. Peng Yi said that after obtaining investment, these funds will focus on talent, the introduction of the content of the resources and commercial operation, consolidate and expand market share.

for the specific implementation plan, Peng Yi said, is currently in preparation, in the second half of 2016 will begin to try.

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