2013 the latest application of Baidu post bar method and rules

Baidu post bar has 600 million registered users, the post bar, the number of monthly active users, accounting for 200 million of the total number of users in China, the number of 39%. It is now the mainstream of an active exchange of notes in the community, especially some local, entertainment, tourism, nothing, photography and other forms of performance is more and more intense. How can we better go Post Bar marketing, how to operate a Post Bar that, first we have to consider doing a Post Bar Lord


on the Internet, no matter what we do industry, electricity providers or SEO site will take into account the search engine marketing and social marketing. And Baidu post bar just has the advantage of search engine marketing. You know, we can go to participate in the search engine rankings, of course, to search keywords can also choose to stick search. This is the advantage of search engine. At least she has a proportion of our search results. Down is that we do when we will find that the social marketing of micro-blog, WeChat, forums and other marketing. But it has been in the forum to advance. So it is very necessary to post bar social communication.

so we do Baidu Post Bar it what are the benefits of the


we now operate a lot of products on the Internet, many small and medium enterprises are also constantly establish their own brand. But in many industries we also found in the Baidu post bar will appear in many of the industry, brand negative. So this makes us very tangled. And in the peer we will find a Post Bar was when the master, then there appeared a lot of publicity and promotion of other brand. When we want to occupy a certain market share. Find yourself to be deleted when released it. Because he wants his uniqueness. So if you want to do search engine marketing and social marketing Baidu series it is necessary to apply for the lord. To own brand word Post Bar took it, and some target words to participate in the competition Post Bar bar. So we have a lot of advantages.

in July 5th when I was in the SEO Research Center open class sharing time, ask a lot of students. They say there is such a phenomenon. So I know there are a lot of people on the internet. So deliberately write such an article. To tell you that there is such a sense.

how to quickly apply for a Baidu Post Bar host

?The basic conditions of

1, first of all we want to meet the

application bar

mobile phone, we must first bind to fill in the ID authentication information, fill in the information and contact information for speech, when it Post Bar must note, if you are creating a good Post Bar eligibility is 3. Each account can only apply for three bar bar owners.

2, how to quickly apply for an internship during


It mainly apply for internship >

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