WeChat marketing battle four cattle X micro blog

for a long time, very few people will care about some small details.

most of the time, everybody thinks I share it must be a big move, or the rest of the world does not know the trick.

actually, you are naive + innocent group of people ~~

I, most of them are you listen to a way said, seen, read, tasted too,

BUT, is that you did not successfully executed, SO, you are a Loser~~

forget, do not curse, began tall on ~~

fans of the economy, is to attract the precise crowd as the goal of business.

Sina micro-blog in 2009, is not a fire, but today, WeChat is even more important.

black millet my friend and operation of the first batch of WeChat public number, in fact, the original fans are accumulated from Sina, micro-blog and micro-blog users Tencent.

and the first article I wrote: "dry cargo sharing: 140 thousand garment industry how to" precise WeChat users have mentioned Sina micro-blog and micro-blog Tencent, how to help us to guide to WeChat fans.

wrote this article, since I have not in the article mentioned: the micro-blog powder suction channel, because I think everyone knows behoove.

actually, I was wrong!

these days I was in the course of finishing VIP actual combat, asked a group of VIP members, there is no one in the use of micro-blog powder.

results can be imagined, very little.

reason is:

first: I do not know how to find the precise powder.

second: micro-blog someone, but do not know how to lead to WeChat.

I have a brief (detailed description in the VIP membership in the cheats to solve the above two issues), to provide the core point for everyone to learn:

asked: how to find micro-blog precision powder


answer: please look at the following pictures, I do not explain, you think. I said more, we are lazy.


big V concern people, is not the person you want?

attention to big V fans, is not the person you’re looking for?

under the picture, red for the precise powder, blue is likely to be garbage powder or zombie powder, do not ask me why!!!


red box out, it must be the high quality of the user’s fans, agreed to listen to me, do not agree on the rough rolling!


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