The crash site to fill gaps in the market can easily build portal station

as everyone knows, the so-called portal site, leading to a comprehensive means of Internet information resources and provide relevant information service of the application system. However, for the majority of Web site construction service providers, the construction of the portal and love and hate.

it is understood that, due to the portal site development cycle is long, there are technical content, asking price can be high, relatively common enterprise site for profit seems considerable. Therefore, if the user is to build such sites, service providers are particularly fond of this. Because cheap industry website at least about ten thousand yuan.

but let the site construction service providers to worry about is that even if there is such a demand, but because of their own technology is not pass, fear of failing to meet customer requirements. In addition, the idea of a change to change the customer, increasing the cost of late. Don’t even good customer not satisfied, finally landed a All is lost. in vain.

we can try to think, if the website construction service provider to a portal site business, so we can demonstrate to customers to buy website template, if the customer is not satisfied, can choose another style. As a result, the user’s choice is large, the product is more mature, the site is ultimately what kind of scale. Website construction service providers in the early stages of the negotiations to solve the sequelae of late, reducing the cost of time and other inputs. In the past, we need to develop more than a month of the site, as long as an hour can be completed, it will be exciting. Secondly, in the past, the establishment of similar self-help software can only establish an ordinary site, the establishment of the portal site is basically impossible.

Crash site

million net development can make up for these, like self-help such crash site agent platform make it all possible. It is the industry put forward the solutions for service providers, so that a similar Alibaba portal site, a complex school portal, an open government portal, an illustrated shopping portal, a complex enterprise information portal as long as a few minutes to generate, can let a person feel surprised

we can count a bill. In the past to do a B2B business platform, if the charges 1 yuan, artists and procedures for the development of a month, remove the business staff Commission, and then remove the invoice, the other costs, up to $two thousand is the profit. However, if you use the website to crash, the cost of one thousand yuan, profits can reach nine thousand yuan. Profits are greatly increased, while the savings in time and personnel costs can do other things.

so, with quick website standard portal version we can achieve what function of


a school website, use website to crash a few minutes building a school information portal. This site can have complex functions. School profile, member login, teacher style, school news, teaching management, student world, resource download, visitors message, functional.


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