Marketing story telling a good story to the famous enterprise statement

network marketing tactics have thousands, want to use the variety of gameplay techniques is not easy to win the market. Moreover, the network marketing cost is soaring, not a small and medium-sized enterprises can carry. There is no way to achieve a multiplier marketing tactics with low cost to get a huge return, at this point, Zhengzhou Zhi Zhi network technology is the most respected storytelling techniques. A good story is better than an overwhelming advertisement. If you want to tell a good story, you must set the background of the story, the theme of the story, the message of the story, the protagonist of the story, the speaker. The popular point, the stage background and the protagonist.

A spokesman for the

is a very important stage props, his style will decide the story of popular and popular depth, spokesman doesn’t have to be a celebrity, as our grassroots can magnificent or humorous or sentimental to tell a good story. We do not look at the other, we have to look closer to the two marketing story: 360 war Baidu, Sogou profit; millet do not have an endless advertising orders.


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360 and everyone there, this is our last year was recognized, and the penguin to fight again this year, and Baidu challenge, no matter how, in the final 360 strategic development does not suffer, it is made a full bowl full.

360 is safe, Baidu search results in a lot of injustice is not rigorous, lead to the people affected by the loss of property, 360 will seize this with Baidu openly challenge, and on-line rapidly within a short time, with nearly 10% of the search market share of 360 in the search. The Internet community called the war 3B war, but who would have thought the war was 3B to a climax, Wang Xiaochuan guards involved, a word to let Sogou Focus Media: a rogue, a monopoly, who should help? War really fucking 3SB.

I love this story, I also admire Wang Xiaochuan in short words, to convey the image of the audience to Sogou Sogou, neither rogue does not love the monopoly, and is not willing to become a member of the SB 3SB, a phrase with a double meaning.


look at the 2011 millet, millet marketing is absolutely far beyond apple, since Jordan is gone, Zhengzhou Zhi Kai technology consciousness of Apple’s marketing is dead, look at the moment of Apple’s story, kidney to buy apples, learning to parents forced Apple three piece, borrowed four apple apple mobile phone is a friend.

said that far, still look at millet, Lei Jun this person did not say, within the circle of good reputation, and loyal and motivated, is absolutely the China Internet speech leader, but he does not love situation, less love to speak, but 2011 is definitely an exception, Lei Jun frequently appeared in various Summit forum, said.

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