Baidu bidding data analysis steps easy to play bidding

do a lot of people are in the bidding adjustment account blind, and even some bidding operator did not know what to do every day, so today we talk about data analysis, let more people know how to work every day to do our bidding, targeted, our workload is reduced, the effect of marketing there will be significant changes.

first, determine the target

as the saying goes, "when we do anything, we have a goal. Without a goal, we are like a ship in the sea. Data analysis is the same, we should first determine our data analysis, if it is found that this time we dialogue on the decline, so this time we analysis is the goal of dialogue, we also want to know why our daily consumption remains unchanged, but the amount of dialogue is on the decline. Similarly, there are many objectives of our analysis, for example, the arrival rate, the reservation rate, to the hospital, etc..

two, data collection

data collection is a primary work is to do data analysis before us, what we need is the process of marketing data, keywords report, search terms report, we may also need to plan, unit report, analysis of different target data needed is not the same, so we treat the specific. In front of us to do the data collection work, we do not do too much data to explain the data, each will do the data to facilitate the analysis of the data behind.

three, find the core problem

"28 laws" many people should know, our energy can not be assigned to each keyword, you think if my account there are tens of thousands of words, I can’t take good care of each keyword, then we should know our keywords account to play a major role in 20% focus. Data analysis is the same, there are a lot of problems we may account, we find the influence effect of marketing big problem, and then collect the relevant data and the problem to do data analysis, find out why there will be such a problem, the problem of nuclear factors affect the heart is what, how to adjust in order to solve this problem etc..

to "infertility" accounts as an example, if we find that recently this time dialogue volume on the decline, then we know that the main factors affecting the decline of dialogue dialogue rate, change say a simple point is that we account for the quality or quantity of flow. We already know the influence factors, then we subdivide the quality change of main factors, the flow is the change of visitors search habits, which causes the change of correlation, that is to say we have not content to visitors visitors want to see the content, this time we can through dialogue and decreased ten days compared to front and now the search words, find what words affect the dialogue decreased, said the simple point is that visitors search term purchase intention is reduced, resulting in reduced flow quality. Flow.

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