09 years of personal webmaster in the end what to do

Compared with

08 years 09 years raging like a storm, seems to be calm, in terms of the individual owners, 09 years may be detailed for a year, has been diligently seeking grassroots webmaster in 09 years what to do in the station, the author’s own view of the smell, with all the webmaster friends to discuss.

1 garbage station

station seems to have not accepted by many grassroots webmaster, but many webmaster friends have been done by the garbage station to start, allow all doubt stood at 09 years, garbage is still viable, spend about 200 to buy a set of suitable space domain, choose a suitable topic and keyword, a source or install a CMS, you can start, add content, do SEO, do the promotion, one or two months, IP reached thousands, with 5000IP calculation, GG every day there are about $10, although not much money, but for many struggling in the "poverty line" of the grassroots, also is one of the most substantial encouragement.

2 local portal

Following the

classification of information station, local portal seems to have become a lot of stationmaster for the first, good for you, and later as a minister. Who mastered the initiative, who may become the dominant local portal, local portal for users with a centralized characteristics, the first promotion is relatively easy. We don’t like Baidu heavily to CCTV, but to seize the opportunity, at the local TV bright appearance can still, content to the visibility out, advertisers naturally come, the hand is shining white silver.

3 industry Web site

web site and search engine has become the Internet’s entrance, personal webmaster want to do hao123, navigation station 265. Now, it is prohibitively difficult. But from the macroscopic view, many Internet users every day is the basic landing one or a few sites, although hao123 and 265 of the sites included many, but most of the time still can not meet the needs of users, such as B2B navigation: china.toocle.com/b2b_guide; aspects of the navigation is admin5.net  zzdh.net ny3721.com; agricultural navigation industry; for navigation info.cisregister.com navigation yxdh.com navigation design; game; cglink.net; building wz.lagoo.com.cn navigation; navigation 59ikan.com shop. At present, various types of navigation websites and channels have more than 3. The site for the whole industry and fine, the user needs to catch, for users to provide a convenient service, make up, natural user loyalty is also up, have mastered all users.

4 local e-commerce

so-called local e-commerce is based on the actual situation of the place, to make it more suitable for network promotion and marketing >

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