How to increase the popularity of the government website straight up

experts in China’s e-government should be to the transformation of electronic business, the survey data of a professional body also reminded China’s e-government development needs to be improved. The report shows that 57.5% of China’s public has never visited the government website. Beijing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Nanchang, Harbin and Chengdu, the six largest cities.

on the results of the survey should be dialectical point of view, may wish to make some thinking. Although I visited the government website, but a few times, but also basically a passer-by. The reason is very simple, the government information published on the website, many in the public media published. Personalized service and you really want to get in on the government website, but because the information is stiff, no online interactive answering system, but can not do what specific on the Internet, so it is not.

in my opinion, some people think that "do not need access to the government website" there are two reasons: first, there are quite a number of Internet users in your life really don’t need to deal with the government, but there are also some people on the government website is exactly what or not clear, or not clear expectations; and "never heard of government websites, the surface is the lack of government website publicity, in fact, the root cause lies in the government not like businesses pushing their power as the website.

so far, we will understand: the government website popularity is poor, the key lies in the more attractive to the masses is not too big, to the people to bring convenience and benefits too little, which is proposed by some experts to be the root cause of e-government transition to electronic business.

many of the current government websites, e-government requirements are not met – copy of regulatory documents, information is not updated for a long time, there is no interactive function, the web is rigid, lack of relevance between content…… Why is there such a "superfluous" phenomenon? This is because the government efficiency, government process itself is far from standardization and optimization, the reality is far behind the requirements of the people; on the other hand, due to a number of officials of the government information network construction as a can not catch the fashion, and even in the specific work at the same time not standardized but also take into account the "network construction", will inevitably have to cope with the job behavior, the effect of

and how can good?

to allow the public to get more convenience and benefits from the government website, the key is to enhance the awareness and efficiency of the public service of the real government, workflow norms and optimization. Under the net to ensure the hard life, gold online. In this regard, some officials may find out the reasons for the "conditions". However, under the net, often need some external pressure to promote. Really have a sense of responsibility of officials, not only does the electronic business as a burden, it will be the service as a carrier of energy to mention speed up to look at, provides an opportunity to improve and optimize the service consciousness, work efficiency and work flow. For example, the establishment of the "online", we should answer all the questions, and to answer quality; set up a "online office", no matter how many departments involved, it should let people fully.

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