Under the new policy the transformation of thinking WeChat marketing

2013 can be described as the outbreak of the year WeChat, WeChat open circle of friends, the overwhelming majority of advertising, all kinds of selling full of WeChat circle of friends.

really is a simple move scraper can improve the product sales of


do a lot of WeChat marketing friends can not find the WeChat marketing skills, and the lack of marketing thinking, simply think that in the circle of friends scraper can improve their product sales of


but they ignore a problem, many people are very tired Shuabing such behavior, a mild mannered micro friends will shield your circle of friends directly, if the micro friends, to meet you disgusted very then feel shy: you go directly to his black list "/p>!


so, WeChat marketing must first consider the accuracy of the circle of friends! No push advertising precision is futile! Master WeChat marketing thinking and skills

is king!

now has 700 million registered users of WeChat, a huge customer base opportunities everywhere, so many companies, individuals are also optimistic about the development of WeChat public platform.

ordinary public accounts can send text, pictures, voice three major content, WeChat public accounts can be controlled by the background of the user groups and regions, you can push the precise message. If it is certified after the account will have a higher authority, information can not only push a single, can also push thematic information.

make good use of WeChat public account, WeChat marketing is a great wealth!

cherry grandpa bakery, is to see the advantages of WeChat public accounts, opened the WeChat public account. The use of WeChat Taobao public account customers import and import micro-blog fans, online VIP combined with offline activities, precise push customers to enhance brand communication efforts, maintaining the old customers to increase actual purchases. More important is: more customers through the WeChat public platform thematic information agent cherry grandpa bakery! From November 2010 by WeChat cherry grandpa public platform to create value over 3 million, with over 40 thousand loyal fans, is very successful for an unknown Taobao



before WeChat marketing set like marketing is a good way of marketing, but with the introduction of new regulations of Tencent WeChat set like marketing has come to an end, but facing the title of risk! For the set of praise for the new regulations, WeChat marketing fond of the enterprise or the individual, there are new doubts: this limitation, we have


WeChat and Google now on the U.S., just add 5 contacts can obtain a price of 25 dollars, equivalent to about 150 yuan Restaurant gift meal coupons in the United States, but nearly 10 million restaurant free free and invite the soccer star >

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