Website promotion should be content

Chinese, along with the rapid development of Internet, the website of every hue of people with a superb collection of beautiful things, eye. Almost every enterprise, regardless of size, there will be a network name card; almost every government agency, are important in the network to preach; and the inexhaustible grassroots webmaster, work hard, have tremendous courage and wisdom; now, even if you are not a long, you also in charge of the two or three space, four or five blog? For a time, the site is bristly, depends greatly on the rise. No time to engage in family planning, also do not advocate eugenics, so the percent of many websites can only become a garbage station, forgotten in a corner of the iceberg. Fortunately, a search engine that saved a number of endangered sites, without it, the promotion of the website is only a rich man’s game, and when people head? So here, we would like to thank Google, Baidu, YAHOO, MSN and so on, they drew a an equal starting line, so we have been caught the attention of hope, of course, now the starting line is money dyeing, is not so equal, but it still left a slim chance of survival


we do when the site, everyone has a purpose, and quite clear, but want to let more people know and understand (enterprises, institutions and individuals) or enhance the image (enterprises, institutions) or release information (enterprises, institutions) or entertain (individual). We may make a long-term image of the website, perhaps only a short-term promotional website, no matter what, we are longing to get high views, maybe this is not the site of the original intention, but really thirsty, very eager to. Some e-commerce sites out: what we want is the effective conversion rate! Fart, not a big traffic base, you did not turn to die.


can accumulate popularity, increase the amount that browse? Despite some website promotion methods, we all know that! We are talking here browsing content, emphasize that to speak back rate, so we should have IP access, PV, UV analysis, PV showed higher rate higher or back the content of the site really attracted users, if traffic or big are short-lived business. So we should emphasize the importance of the content in the website planning, website content is good for the same recipe is prosperous, website promotion. When the finger number also so in several ways, you people will not show off well, what the real king to have others do not have the planning and implementation capacity, at that time, you are too easy to become the industry leader, browse For example, Ctrip, the whole process down, refused to accept, there is such a user-friendly system put there, do not believe you do not look back, and then a little promotion on what has come.

now, the site is very competitive product competition, competitors, who have a more innovative and more attractive to users of the product, who took the initiative in the market, sometimes, beyond innovation is more difficult than in

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