From the United States Fintech platform in China’s net loan platform to learn what

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since the United States Fintech platform Leading Club high frequency in the country’s major financial media, the word Fintech set off a boom. Whether it is a network of investors, borrowers or practitioners, if you don’t know Fintech, just like the fans do not know Jonny · Depp, look up the brain picture will feel embarrassed.



words here, I first science Fintech what is the


Fintech the word is actually Financial technology acronym, meaning Chinese technology finance, according to Wikipedia, a business model called Fintech is the use of high-tech to make financial services more efficient. That is a meticulous Internet Co or high-tech companies use cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, machine operation, Natural Language Processing, mobile Internet and other emerging technologies provide a low threshold for financial services, a means to solve financial problems. Broadly speaking, Fintech has multiple meanings, including but not limited to P2P net loan, the third party payment, big data credit, all the chips, Internet banking, Internet insurance, internet securities, Internet fund sales, Internet asset management, investment consulting, online intelligent social investment, financial product search, online education, financial management of personal credit etc..

Fintech from the United States, in the United States online financial market Fintech platform to shine.

at present, the United States greatly small Fintech platform more than 1 thousand and 300, the real growth of good platform is more than and 50, such as the first Fintech platform Prosper was founded in 2005; Lending Club Fintech platform, the largest U.S. Wealthfront; the world’s largest online wealth management platform; founded in 2006, focused on small and medium-sized enterprise loan platform Ondeck; the social financial platform of typical Sofi; start with the cast lead investor + platform to raise public equity Angellist Commonbond student loan platform; small and beautiful; online intelligent investment management platform Betterment, Motif investing and so on, among them, LendingClub and Ondeck have been listed on the nyse.

the size of the current domestic net loan platform for more than 2 thousand and 300, the number is an advantage, but the overall development, the United States Fintech platform there are many places that we can learn the specific point of view, their advantage is what? Where is


technology drives financial innovation

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