Talk about the role of soft and how to use

One of the

soft advertising and the biggest difference is that its spread, the role of the soft is spread, and the ads are mostly more emphasis on advertising (though now advertising is becoming more and more soft), but news is not born with good communication, but there is quality, grasp its soft and hard articles can both spread and advertising effect. In how to write soft Wen soft Valley is no longer narrative, and talk about how to use its role.

a, soft media channel

, mainly invested in print and web media in the channel, the truth is the same, is the delivery of media people, then good, if no one see can not play its role, at present the soft launch cost is not high, such as soft Wen Gu, general well-known media also dozens of pieces. Although the soft launch is difficult to get a good position, but for the high popularity of the network itself, every day tens of millions of views, you put the soft get a good amount of browsing in a very small rate can also browse.

Two, setting up the title of

of course, the title of the readability and the attraction of the writers write soft be nothing difficult, generally pay attention to the title of the attraction, but don’t forget to have SEO experience of people, this is not the title role far. As the first part of that media selection is very important, for the news source, well-known media not to Baidu and other search engines if not, but also get good rankings in search engines, so good title can play a very good advertising effect, such as soft Wen Valley is do the soft release of the platform, the I write in the soft can be used when "soft Valley" + "soft release" as the title, so that others in the search for "soft release" Related words, will display my article, this girl will put the soft Valley out, this is one of the biggest effect.

three, visibility effect

good choice of media, not only can let you realize the above function, can play the effect of visibility, which often occur in the major well-known media brand, the user can always give a higher degree of trust, increase the credibility of enterprises, you can also use the media section map, and then put in print or is the brochure to customers, increase the authority and degree of brand. Although this trust will not work immediately, but in the consumer decision-making, in the most critical moment it began to work.

four, pay attention to grasp its "soft"

soft, put on the famous media, another reason is to be able to get reproduced, but the article wants to get reproduced, must have its value must be reproduced, bring readers the relevant knowledge, inspiring the reader, this is likely to be well reproduced. In a word, with soft advertising, but this kind of advertising is recessive, while the dominant part is its readability and inspiration, as I this article, if it can bring a little inspiration to you that my purpose is achieved, our advertising has reached as far as I am concerned, what publicity you know.

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