Diablo black market drugs and illegal prescription drugs rampant

review: "the economist" website recently published an article introduces the Diablo series of website of business survival. Removed from the sale of goods is prohibited by law, these sites did not lose the operation of Amazon and eBay.

below is the full text of the article:

The first transaction in the history of

e-commerce was done by students at Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the early 70s of last century, but the items they traded were small amounts of marijuana. The next few decades, with the strengthening of tracking IP address and payment methods and other enforcement tools, drug trafficking behavior on the network was severely suppressed.

however, along with the black market shopping site Silk Road in the rise of a few years ago, and the trend of a stirring among the dry bones of drug trafficking network. Silk Road can use Tor to operate trading secret service and Tor service to ensure the anonymity of the users of the site. On the site, buyers and sellers with a digital currency called bitcoin for covert transactions.

with Ross? Uhl Buri (Ross Ulbricht) Silk Road’s arrest, also in the last year closed. Investigators believe that the 29 year old American is Pirate Roberts (Dread Roberts), which is the founder of Silk Road. Uhl Buri will be tried in New York on January, accused of hacking into other computers, money laundering and other charges. Law enforcement believes that the destruction of Silk Road means the end of the black market network, apparently their judgment is too optimistic.

on the contrary, a large number of Amazon and eBay features with the dark site is emerging to fill the gaps left by the disappearance of Silk Road. Not only do they have a surprising ability to survive, but they offer a richer variety of goods and a more sophisticated approach to expansion.

According to data provided by the Internet Security Agency Digital Citizens Alliance, in August this year during the period from January to 18, the number of goods sold on the black market sites from the previous 41 thousand to 66 thousand kinds of

. As of August this year, is regarded as the successor to the Silk Road Silk Road 2 or the mantle of such dark overlord network. However, in the past two months, Agora and Evolution two sites has Silk Road 2 A new force suddenly rises., on the scale of more than the sum of the types of goods, an increase of 20%, reaching 36 thousand. In addition, any of these three sites are larger than the size of the previous Silk Road. Due to the current market size has not been disclosed, I do not know whether the increase in the number of goods means that sales boom.

The size of the businesses that

trades on the dark web is somewhat different, with some of the millions of dollars per month on a site, while others are only a few hundred

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