Look at the risk of WeChat payment from Kuapay dilemma

 After the

opening day, all possible about WeChat is a whoop and a holler has always been low-key in the Tencent, WeChat communication is simply release.

although Zhang Xiaolong still did not come forward, but this round of momentum gives a feeling – the monster out of the gate, as long as the combination of WeChat, all of the current network of the world problems can be smoothly done or easily solved from the game, to the electricity supplier, from pay to finance, as well as the O2O strategy and the living room with no reality whatever.

WeChat is sweeping everything, it seems that Tencent seems to be to achieve this goal, and in accordance with the analysis of public opinion, it seems to have reached. Even if it has not yet achieved the function, have been attached to the magic coat of the big kill.

stop! We start from the recent WeChat is pushing WeChat to pay a function to see, it is not really possible to devour all and smooth digestion.

first of all, it should be emphasized that WeChat is not the original payment Tencent. This is another masterpiece of plagiarism Tencent


currently, WeChat payment can be divided into scan code payment, App payment and the number of public payment in three ways, and the two-dimensional code account system LBS payment chain is the core of its closed-loop payment O2O. Just need to use WeChat or QQ account system, you can help companies easily achieve precision marketing, online customer service, mobile payment and other functions.

Tencent in the 5 edition of this year began to test the water model. But in fact, as early as three years ago, a fast simple and safe mobile phone two-dimensional code mobile payment mode in foreign countries became popular, the birth of a number of such as Qraffiticodes, VisualTour and so on with the help of the application of two-dimensional code to pay, in a number of mobile Internet payment instruments in the United States Kuapay, recognized as the earliest used to pay two-dimensional code and mobile combined to achieve O2O closed-loop payment.

only need to download free applications of Kuapay to the mobile phone, fill in the credit card information and simply enter payment password, users will realize the offline payment function whenever and wherever possible, the current WeChat and Tencent to pay the same way. Yes, even in the most basic functional modules, WeChat and Kuapay exactly the same.

of course, that doesn’t mean anything. For the past few years, the Tencent has been proven to be successful in imitation and transcendence. So, from the success of plagiarism and build Kuapay concept, Tencent is very successful, but also understandable. Winners do not need to be tried.

but is not calm, Tencent copied the payment process and the function of the Kuapay module, but ignore the security policy of Kuapay, in other words, WeChat paid to people’s appearance, but ignore the protection of the safety of users of Kuapay system.

for security issues, Ku>

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