Novice to do game station 1 days break through the 20002 day break through 3000

I am a novice webmaster. Before doing a forum. No one came to see us for half a month. In the webmaster nets see some post. Finally see the dawn..

web site. Don’t do it. Or do it well. Find your own place. People who play games know. Dungeon Fighter Online March 12th beta activation code, very precious. When the Tencent announced the news. I immediately registered a domain name to the name of the game (Dungeon Fighter Online referred to as DNF), then q made such a post [Dungeon Fighter Online] special Authority Station

[Dungeon Fighter Online activation code] DNF8 forum ~ let everyone become a warrior! Tid=1& fromuid=1

was already at 12 in the morning. I went to bed after I posted it. Second days to wake up.. Oh my god. 100 people online forum IP has exceeded 500, then in the afternoon to evening peak exceeded 1000 to 1500 extended close to dawn to break through 2000, we can go to DNF DNF due to the fact that Baidu now, could not bear to see the production.. Forum promotion advertising. I do not know Baidu will not be included in my site. I am now the goal is to do the country’s largest DNF thematic station, I hope you will support. In addition to find you webmaster exchange links, this site has not been included in Baidu. Hope that through your blessing can quickly included.

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