Want to sell the product in the WeChat public numbers Ask the user to answer a question

I know, many public number operators around a circle is the ultimate aim is three words: sell


this is a good idea, but also the E guest teacher has been advocated and encouraged, we apply public numbers for what? Is not for profit, profit selling the product itself is a kind of very direct, so when the E guest teacher noticed a crowd of people for the public number is the time to open itself in the mobile Internet sales channels, I am really very happy!


, however, the reality is always extremely cruel, with no public number time when we had built, so many wonderful fantasy, or when we run after a period of time, began to get tired; or more direct said, when we began to use their own public number to promote their products, will surprised to find a problem: the original public number is just so so, not a few customers, can not sell a few single, or every time is the direct promotion of odd egg!


can we blame the reality for being cruel?

can’t! Because you didn’t find a way!!

WeChat public platform is to play the role of a link, between brands and consumers, consumers and businesses and brands closer, so that consumers can perceive the brand is the temperature! Each one in the operation of the public number of friends, do you have


do your users know you,


do your users know that you are selling the product?

do your users know what you are selling


don’t know!! in fact, too many people do not think the public understand this, your users don’t understand you, although you are the fans, although have been concerned about you almost six months or even years, if you ask your users "you know that the public number is what?", I guarantee that a lot of people to answer


know why your public number does not sell products? Really can not blame the cruel reality, we do not know is to blame, blame us too impatient, because we lack the operation of the public number


below E guest teacher to give you the secret, why users do not buy your product, why people can sell the public number of products

tell the user what you do, what you are selling, this is only the first step! Then, we have more important work to do, that is: interaction; remember: want to sell the product, must interact with the user


what is interaction?

interactive is your public, what can bring real value to the user, can help with what to do, and then let the user participation, allowing users to feel your presence, let users don’t think he’s just look at the daily information, open every day and is facing a public number, a system, a machine, but a man, one can bring him.

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