Ant gold service is B round of financing for 10 billion yuan

sina science and technology news, Beijing time on January 4th afternoon news, according to Bloomberg quoted informed sources said that the ant is the second round of gold clothing is planned before the listing of financing, financing at least RMB 10 billion yuan.

ant aspects of sina services to respond to science and technology, said: we do in the B round of financing, other details are not convenient to disclose, do not comment on any market speculation."

July 3, 2015, the ant Service announced that it has completed the A round of financing, including the introduction of the national social security fund, CDB finance, domestic large insurance companies, including 8 strategic investors. In accordance with the amount of financing and the proportion of shares accounted for the calculation of the reverse, when the cloud service A round of financing to complete the valuation of the market has more than $45 billion.

According to Alibaba

group in 2014 September listing prospectus shows that between Ali and ant gold service reached a profit sharing agreement before the ant payment service market, Alibaba group has the right to share the ant payment service 37.5% of pre tax profits; once the ant payment service market, Alibaba group can choose to terminate the profit sharing, so as to obtain IPO ant gold 37.5% of the total value of services. (Zhou Feng)

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