How to write high quality soft text for the grass root

soft this stuff for a lot of people like Zhou Dunyi "reminiscence" evaluation of the lotus, can only far view and not play, we all feel that it is good, but to write their own out Biden Mount Everest is also difficult, let alone write high quality soft Wen. The online method about how to write text very much, I learned Chinese goods nice writing method of many masters, through the actual operation summed up some own experience, because I belong to the grass root pole other roots, so without asking for a method named "grass root":


one: select the theme is the key

believe that many webmasters do not contribute to the cause of A5 is not readable, in fact, this statement is not accurate, easy to give people a misunderstanding, that is the cause of the level of writing does not pass. This is not the case, the fundamental reason is that the subject matter is not right. I hereby recommend the A5 may be improved, so as to avoid misleading.

a small example, the vast majority of A5 is the webmaster or SEOER, is to optimize the most familiar, everyday about optimization of your article too much, in a state of oversupply, so the editors had to select a few hiring the best, the other had to reluctantly part up, pass rate is very natural low. Like a friend of mine, for the first time to write the soft, I helped him pick a theme is Baidu has just launched the micro purchase function, which is not previously applied, he first wrote the text immediately. On the soft topic as we do SEO optimization, there is a saying called the wrong direction, efforts in vain".

two: where to find the theme


in the minds of many people, to contribute to the soft A5 can only be related to the site and marketing, so everywhere to find someone else to write things to change, so that the words can not be mixed by A5. Nice to share my Chinese goods this grass root is how to find the theme:

1, I wrote the day before yesterday from micro-blog on the micro-blog marketing value of "how to do" the theme from a micro-blog introduced the value of blog, and the following contents are many comments on quality, just browse micro-blog when I saw it, feeling up very place, then take a flash of inspiration come and play a bit, the results of this article in the forum in the original articles, recommended by the moderator a day at home (thanks to the love of adult moderators)

2, the author wrote yesterday "bold prediction: 2013 WeChat will soar" one article, its theme is more relaxed, is a good friend of mine bought a mobile phone for my mother, to her mother’s new year’s gift for mom to install WeChat inspired.

3, a few days ago also wrote a "breakout" sand "resources, China SEO suspended" not afraid of a text, is the hot news from the Internet, combined with the situation of SEO China, made some personal views and ideas, is the webmaster network reproduced (thanks to reprint and take link friends)

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