Task and advertising network advertising media darling

affected by the global financial crisis, the vast majority of enterprises in marketing investment more cautious, Internet advertising and marketing to assess characteristics such as its high price, the advertising effect has attracted more and more advertisers welcome. Sina, Sohu, Tencent in the past year, advertising prices rose 40% to 50%, compared to traditional media, the price is still very competitive.

data show that as a result of the new deal, in October, 11 months, the real estate industry, the number of Internet advertising from the number of ideas to banner growth. Google in October the number of real estate advertising increased by 400%, SouFun, the focus of the network, such as the release of the vertical website of real estate information to become the biggest beneficiaries of this round of warmer.

now the field of Internet advertising and the rise of a new advertising model, called task plus advertising network interactive marketing model. The advantages of this model are the biggest users not only receive advertising information, is also involved in the enterprise and the product promotion, do the real net interaction, but the price is lower than the traditional Internet advertising, which is based on the traditional network ads, popups, pictures, video and other forms of impact.

at present, in the case of a network of interactive marketing, the most typical example is the network. Pig network is a task outsourcing platform, because of this mode of zhubajie.com has good interaction, so zhubajie.com launched interactive marketing mode task and advertising, through this mode to achieve a win-win situation:

1, the company can get a lot of good copy and works, such as: posters, slogans, FLASH, script, marketing copy, etc..

2, users through the participation of the task, in an interactive way to effectively promote the corporate culture and products. And the impact of publicity will start to participate in the task of the user to spread around, even if the end of the task, there is a strong follow-up publicity effect,

3, users also get a real reward.


model of interactive marketing network will be launched by many enterprises and users of all ages, because the new model of task and advertising such network advertising not only cost is very low, only need to pay the costs of tasks and task promotion costs, and better than the effect of network advertisement text, pictures and other forms of pop, making such a giant HP also select the pig network advertising model, also let a lot of desire for network marketing of small and medium-sized enterprises can promote the network on the internet.

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