Clever use of software to share download promotion website

because of global network, so sometimes to see some good software will download it, do not know if you have not found, we download the compressed file which has a URL link file


sometimes I will be curious to open these sites to see, in fact, we can also use this method to promote our website?.

First of all, we can collect more

small capacity, practical software, why should choose a small capacity of the software, because of our own big trouble.

We have the

software, and then began the follow-up work, we first establish their own website to open files, specific steps to create a shortcut, and then fill in your web site, such as, then the next step is to fill in the name of the file, for example, I put "fun flash game", the name you you can draw points, I have seen direct fill "use help", so many people will have to open the file.

what we want to do, is to put this file in the online sharing out, we provide software sharing, is certainly not in their own space, if you have enough space bandwidth alone, we can put them in the pig like SkyDrive, then you go to these fundamental software related forum do some advertising, of course it could not be effective immediately, but because the software online, if people are constantly sharing your software, so people to help you advertise for free.

publicity these software also have skills, for example, you collect some Internet cafes management utility software, and then go to the network management forum to send, ha ha, so that there will be no publicity AD suspected, but also create benefits everyone.

can also be placed on the thunder of these sites, to know that the amount of downloads is quite amazing.

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