After the era of Google and competitor NetEase Youdao Content Alliance Online


online shopping just now, looking for the search Alliance (noon in Cai Wensheng micro-blog to see that the Tencent will launch the search alliance, especially looking for. But did not find to search alliance), but the search to the NetEase Youdao alliance inadvertently (beta).


NetEase Youdao alliance

according to my analysis, the introduction of the low-key NetEase alliance is to replace the original NetEase alliance. But this time was born, apparently on the development of the alliance has some influence. I personally feel that the reasons are the following:

one, the webmaster is experiencing a crisis, who also managed the alliance

recently, there is something bothering us: the normal operation of website, suddenly it is closed. There are many reasons, most of which are lack of archival information. I have not encountered such a situation, many owners are more) for worrying about things, a few days ago in the home station saw a let me dumbfounding news: a Xinjiang station to Shanghai to record the record, 5 minutes trip took 2700. Adsense helpless. What can we say about this situation?.

two, there is a big tree, it takes time to accept new things

is often difficult to find people on the Internet, the majority of small and medium sites are linked to the two advertising alliance: Baidu VS Google. If you want most of the owners to accept your union, you have to have something other than the union, which is called: innovation. Of course, if the innovation and innovation, it will fail. Remember to see such a sentence on the Internet: innovation, but also to the soil and water. There are times when the alliance appears to be relatively late, no one can predict the future. No matter how, there are signs of this NetEase, I believe that many webmaster will give NetEase some face. Of course, the premise is that NetEase is really want to let the owners make money, rather than earn the webmaster traffic.


three, sparks of fire can start a prairie fire,

borrow Chairman Mao’s words. Chairman Mao said that sparks of fire can start a prairie fire, right. But if there is no wind, how sparks of fire start a prairie fire? That would be impossible. A union beta, I did not see a link on the home page and the union NetEase Youdao home. Perhaps the alliance is looking for a way to let the alliance lit up the wind, the wind come from?.

whether the sparks of fire can start a prairie fire, see NetEase can have a big wind. In addition, a NetEase have just discovered that alliance is in beta stage, also need an invitation code. No way, had to apply for an invitation code.

last few words: in fact, long before I knew there must be seen their advertising alliance, at that time a few sites, heard the invitation, to the NetEase sent an email asking. They did not elaborate on any excuse "