O What Starchaser artifact demonized fans economy

stars and fans will always be a point of no return, attracting many people to go to, and, in this way also spawned more economic, especially in the era of Internet, more and more fans economy has become an important way to the development of Internet business and, with the development of Internet technology, Starchaser way is also more and more diverse, the recent O! What, the simple APP became popular throughout the mobile Internet, mobile Internet artifact Zhuixing, fans economy has become a hot word Internet, Internet marketing has become O fans behind the key to the transformation and development of What.



in ways to Starchaser weapon

now, all kinds of movie tickets, as well as the premiere signings will become an important way to interact with the fans of the star, more and more fans groups begin their journey through these activities Starchaser, however, compared with some big stars, tickets and other forms of tickets has become an important aspect, limiting its development by What O! Line operation will be these worries in the world, the most important is the Starchaser timeliness, interactive fans groups are the most important qualifications of interaction, therefore, the channel selection is very important, O! What by way of online transactions, a number of fans groups settled, to carry out their own Star column for many fans, with the Internet speed to create their own fans economy.

customized fans economy

is not only for the star fans keen Aiwujiwu, for some recording star or movie and other related works are interested in the fact that based on O! What fans take customized services better for many of the "grass root" to realize the effective purchase and viewing experience, at the same time, O What! The fan meeting and the signing will provide a good opportunity for close contact with the goddess of the grass root, become the most popular Internet service experience, and, according to the 58 media advertising alliance data show that the current economy has reached the scale of 1 billion fans, fans economy has begun to take shape, customized fans economy will be better for many fans of interactive experience, help the development of internet fans economy.

leveraging the fans economy marketing profit point

star effect is never in the entertainment circle, but the star endorsement has become the important support of Internet and traditional business development, relying on the star power to bring fans economy has become an important way of Internet marketing, business development and, with O! What in the mobile Internet hot spread, star effect behind the leveraging of fans economy will become an important way to the development of the Internet and its development relies on the establishment of effective fans, fans of marketing mechanism, soft marketing through celebrity endorsements and star, will bring a large number of Internet brands to bring online traffic effectively in order to continue to pull the economic and social de > fans

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