Teach you how to start marketing

found that now in the network society whether playing or traditional business entities boss, many of them do not know what is the real network marketing, not a systematic knowledge and understanding of network marketing, just some one-sided understanding. Do not know what is marketing to find people to do, someone is looking for the promotion of staff and then consider whether to find a webmaster.

most people say that the network marketing and network marketing mix. So if you want to grasp the network marketing system, first you have to distinguish between network marketing and network promotion. Marketing is partial strategic tactical things, promotion is partial method partial implementation of the thing, the latter is included in the former. We may have met or heard of such an example, that is, a young man to work, the boss to post, send 100 posts a day, work very hard today, made a total of 150, over the task. But it was approved by the boss, because the hair post useless, did not provoke any customer. In fact, the boss will not get to know what is what is the marketing promotion, if only to do promotion man over the completion of the task is very good, worth learning. Real marketing focuses on planning, is used to study why. Is the study of packaging and projects, for what kind of crowd, the use of what kind of methods and strategies, the key lies in thinking.

so as a qualified network marketing, is the need for research methods, rather than to do, every day hair post, hair advertising these are not marketing, just to perform the task. Marketing is the first to study, research methods, and then to study the customer object, a good study to find someone to perform, this time is to find someone to do promotion. Network marketing is not a post, is the need to practice and then summed up the process.

want to do a stand, the first step is to do what is not to buy a domain name site, but to plan for a brainstorming. To do a good job positioning products, set a good user groups. The first thing you want to analyze products, mining products selling points, highlights. Then, in the study of peers, find out the difference with them, do not have an absolute dominance in the field of product collision. To find out the relative differences to create a selling point. The same computer, the same configuration and the advantages of why people do not buy more famous to buy your. The final goal is to study the customer’s needs and consumption habits. Planning key points in the boss and management, as the saying goes, if the direction is not right, efforts are also in vain. The boss can not understand the technology, but to grasp the process, grasp the key points, to grasp the overall situation.

the first step is done below the station, and then promotion, and finally the transformation of transactions. There are two invisible links, the first point is the data analysis, data analysis is very important, from which we can find ways to solve the problem. The second point is the team building, there is no good team there is no good cooperation. As the boss to catch team construction, to retain talent, especially the traditional industries of the boss, you can not use the old traditional ideas are used in marketing and website construction, unable to retain talent and ultimately to stop.


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