n the burn under the environment of shopping website promotion way to save money ten

remember Ma said: do not do e-commerce, five years later will regret. This makes a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises in the impatient when they have insufficient planning to enter the field of electricity providers, resulting in some operation for a long time without growth, many factors, but the main promotion is not in place or should lead, so for shopping website promotion mode what are the major, to sum up.

shopping site is not a personal website, so you have to have a team to fight, the need for a variety of ways to promote their own fine do fine. Those free promotion will not say, like SNS, forum, blog and so on, everyone knows, just need to spend a lot of time, and the conversion rate should not high, we recommend to do when the shortage, but SEO is a must, so the team must have one or two SEO master follow up, the optimization of inside and outside the web site details. The most important thing is to determine the site before the promotion has a certain price advantage and commodity characteristics.

In view of the special nature of

shopping website, Jiang Min would like to suggest some way to pay for promotion, the so-called money everywhere will touch the nail, if you can use a small amount of money can get maximum benefit, perhaps it is a good way to.

a user registration

this is the first link shopping site, registered users less, everything is impossible, must try to increase the number of registered, two kinds of popular now, get coupons or old users to invite new users to send coupons, of course, all the tickets can only be used for shopping, the details of the rules well, try to think of some tricks to attract or divided into several batches of return, let customers have the desire for shopping here again.

two, gift

usually provide some or holiday gifts, gifts are not necessarily free, can be set to spend a certain amount, or to invite user registration combination, can increase the interactive link. Remember: all gifts must be marked on their website LOGO or advertising language, this is the most important.

three, station activity

holiday or some specific festivals (such as website anniversary etc.), planning a number of special events, to come up with some awesome promotions and some awesome prizes, specific reference to some large shopping station approach, in that they have done better. Activities do not do, or do a good job, before the event notice, increase publicity campaign, after the event to retain data and related information for the next event to pave the way.

four, station outside activity


is mainly to improve visibility for the purpose of providing gifts to the sale of goods or coupons. The choice of micro-blog platform, such as the award broadcast, but also to find some micro-blog marketing company planning cooperation. The choice of some online shopping groups are concentrated Cooperation Forum, planning activities, such as quiz, T, etc., to his own website combined, this is a win-win model, not only their own propaganda, but also active on.

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