Grassroots Adsense website promotion three steps

each grassroots do stand, will start on the site’s promotion. From the "master" to be a level of "webmaster", will experience the growth of "three steps", especially the "copycat webmaster" promotion will experience "hell, Purgatory and paradise". Following Xiaobian on the basis of the experience of doing our website to talk about:

a website promotion of hell chapter – Post Bar, forums, QQ group


the "dirt" origin, "the new site of the arena", "website promotion" only know to understand four words in front of quotes. Later, Baidu knows it, learn some "martial arts secrets", they began jubilant promotional tour, for a day to Post Bar HI Baidu, posted to the forum link, Akira crazy water and getting in Q group.

The outcome of this

must we all know: Post Bar immediately delete an IP account with the Forum; gag or deprivation of membership; QQ group directly is the main group of T adults. One day down: from gray to Acacia jubilant to have a heart, "this is what Shidao ah, a hard day has no effect, no credit also must have worked hard!"

two, website promotion of "Inferno": blogs, bookmarks, friends of the chain

"hell" bad days, slowly began to explore the new world, a new way to join the body Post Bar members removed dozens of low probability non member% was found in the Baidu Post Bar "(to be confidential Oh, most people I do not tell them!). In some large portal site registered members, opened a blog, started life weekly some men of literature and writing, a few articles to the station to do, to attract a visit of the guest eye; and some soft in the station and other related sites, with colleagues to exchange ideas, attract a lot of traffic and colleagues; in search of a number of industry websites do Links, established a new network "".

are some grassroots station grew up is rough, you need to refine some blogs, summaries of profiles can be, experienced a failure, suddenly found, oh good writing! And exchange Links is not an easy experience, the webmaster at our station, the new station only two words, "don’t change"! After a failure again and again, perhaps is the grace of God, we have to link to the website.

three, website promotion of Heaven chapter – site optimization, promotion alliance multi pronged, the effect of return!

after the "hell, purgatory" test, have to say that we grow up! Has its own unique mode of thinking and ingenious promotion skills, opened a "new era of website promotion". Behind the growth, followed by the joy of harvest, the station in just forty days after the PR value promotion as 2, Baidu included more than and 500 pages. Think about this more than a month of classic course, the results are small, extraordinary significance!


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