Because of the distortion of the earth’s space SNS information dissemination because of the terrible

we may have heard a word "earth is the Internet erase at the same time, also let two people would never intersect the possible intersection", this sentence I suddenly thought in high school to learn Einstein’s theory of Relativity: if space really can be distorted, so the distance between any two points can be "zero". The Internet makes the world’s information in the same plane, the distance is the same for everyone to touch the information. Although the best-selling book, "the world is flat" is not to talk about the significance of the Internet for globalization, but the hat in the SNS has not yet appeared, it is very appropriate to buckle on the internet. But later, the birth of SNS, let me into a physicist like infinite daydream, but the physical knowledge of high school has been back to the teacher, or possibly for in-depth study.

well, well. In the world of SNS, the distance between any two person (or any information behind the two person) can be zero". This theory is my own, and it is proved that the theory can be divided into six degrees. How "I" and "Obama" zero distance? The premise is that you must SNS your strong relationship network, it through the network: SNS relationship strong, you can find almost any one. And the information spread in this state, will become infinite terrible. Recently many of my friends know that I might have used SNS to marry him, using SNS to sell books "exploding Internet revolution", feel the good use of SNS to do the communication and marketing, the effect is very surprising (of course limited personal level, not necessarily a very successful. SNS top marketing success stories should be how Obama used SNS to win the election, see "the outbreak of the Internet revolution".

at home and abroad, many companies and people are studying SNS marketing, this marketing approach to seize the interpersonal network, so it is more advantageous than Web2.0’s blog marketing, community marketing. For example, in Sina, micro-blog, Li Kaifu, a teacher in a word, this word can immediately be ten to the attention of fans, instantly there may be thousands of fans and fans forwarding, and may be forwarded two times, a layer of forwarding. Its propagation energy is greater than any previous Internet mode. For example, some popular events this year, Jackson died, Jia Junpeng, etc., in the SNS boost, quickly become a hot topic in the network. SNS utilization at home and abroad to do marketing case, there is also no longer say, too numerous to mention, interested or see "exploding Internet revolution".

I personally love word people are great because of their dreams, the dream for SNS more easily! "(I adapted) SNS value is infinite, when I often whimsical yourself one day by magic, his infinite energy is strong, can do some things to know so many people. But in today’s network, in the world of SNS, any ordinary people, if you can make good use of SNS, you can become infinitely powerful, ordinary people do extraordinary things using SNS. Now I can

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