From 2010 of the network events Xi Li Ge Shoushou gate and so on

from the 2010 network event "Xi Li Ge", "Feng", "Chengdu three men left PK she wanted to marry Fan Bingbing" and "Shoushou" thought of

2010 the most noteworthy network popular events is "Xi Li Ge", "Feng", "three high" male left, "Shoushou door". Here to give you an analysis:

by the morning of March 4, 2010, these hot events in Baidu and Google search engine performance is as follows:

Xi Li Ge: Baidu, find relevant web pages about 342000 articles; Google search Xi Li Ge get about 2580000 results

: use Baidu Search Xifeng, find the relevant pages of about 7890000; Google search Xifeng about 7850000 a result of

Chengdu three men left: use Baidu Search, find the relevant pages of about 17600; Google search Chengdu three men left about 517000 a result of

Shoushou door: Baidu, find relevant web pages about 349000 articles; Google search Shoushou door to get about 13900000 results

: Xi Li Ge Xi Li Ge, a group of photos from the hummingbird online pass, after February 23, 2010, due to a post – World Forum "in seckill ultimate gorgeous best passers guy! Nice to stab blind your eyes!" and details of human qiuqin who quickly became popular, was friends known as "gourmet" beggars ", the ultimate gorgeous best passers guy", "Beggar Prince" etc.. After being widely sought after users, and to be human flesh search in order to explore their true identity. The results said that Xi Li Ge is a beggar in the streets of Ningbo, due to the complexity of life on the streets. There are also friends of the beggar’s identity questioned.

: Luo Yufeng [1] and Xifeng, female, born 9 August 1985, Leo, Chongqing Qijiang Ganshui Town, 1.46 meters tall, college degree, Carrefour supermarket in Shanghai, a monthly income of more than 1000 yuan, claiming to be 9 years old to be learned in books, 20 years to reach its peak, "after 300 years no one beyond" in Shanghai the subway station sent tens of thousands of copies of leaflets have feelings in marriage, television programs announced seven extremely harsh conditions of marriage, vow to marry 1.8 meters elite graduate students, and looks to the sun, handsome. Marriage conditions for various high standard ray Yanjiong, staggering out words emerge in an endless stream, Luo Yufeng a "gun" and red, caused by various media and the majority of Internet users concerned, has been dubbed "the universe invincible super confident first". Luo Yufeng laugh says: youth is wasted on

, she’s spending her youth now.

three men: refers to the high education, high income, high age, still single men. Recently, anxious to find a girlfriend in Chengdu "three high" male left Fan Tao is a gun, phase >

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