Adsense share QQ group how to attract customers

online chat 10 times, not as good as the next line, I believe a lot of friends have the same feeling, the next line easier to get closer to each other, so that the feeling between the more temperature. Many QQ marketing staff is apt to make such mistakes: no matter what people want to pull into the QQ group, as everyone knows, this is wrong, so what method can be accurate customer pulled into the QQ group? In fact, this method is very simple, first you have to figure out, you need what kind of users, rather than blind to pull QQ friends in, no intention to put in is a waste of time.

QQ group how to attract customers, Ann Dongsheng today to share 4 ideas:

a soft Wen promotion

soft Wen promotion can write an article with the soft Wen promotion methods / success stories related to the article released to each big SEO website. For example, SEO interest group, you can write a soft Wen sent to each big SEO forum and the major webmaster nets (webmaster nets can be free to contribute), in the end of the text to leave temptation, add group or get to.

two, activity promotion

is planning an event, such as the SEO contest, set the award prizes, and then go to the webmaster forum or website to talk about cooperation, their sponsorship prizes, the website can find small, as long as the person, can cooperate, fill in your registration QQ OK.

three, the acquisition of accurate user group

direct acquisition method of precise user group although not too many people play the work in just ways, but very good, as long as is not illegal, you can use this method to do the user. Into a precise crowd, open the QQ collection, all come in, pull directly into the built group, a few hundred easy.

four, direct cooperation to find resources

directly to the resources and cooperation, do not need to have their own QQ group, only to find the high popularity of the QQ group, choose their own group, directly to the main talk, after the transaction can be divided into. Dongsheng has 5 QQ members of the group, now has 1200 joined the buddy, if you create the network product value of interest, want to use the network to make money, or to promote their products, or, or company, please come.

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