Venture rookie no money no resources how to seize the final dividend period WeChat public number

Abstract: public development today, we will find that the user’s time has been to seize the light, so you grab the public stock of reading time, this year, the large reproduced powder suction pressure is more and more big, the overall trend of reading users, are in decline, decline of the space was the original No. seize the.


public number has become a business standard, as products, sales, finance, entrepreneurs if you don’t know something about the number of public knowledge, in front of your home Xiaobian not blind BB pointing Jiangshan pumping house, short board and is likely to form the barrel theory, like a real man, you certainly do not want to own something that is too short.

public early breakthrough in the tens of millions, if you still want to be in the public domain by the public, business, and now that a taxi software is dead. But in some segments, I personally think it is a chance, even if you don’t venture to the public for a living, but your company will operate the public, so rose about public operations, the position is still very necessary.

said simply, public operations on the three axes: positioning, content and flow

I. positioning

positioning is the starting point of public operations, if unknown to your position, do not know who the target audience is, what are the characteristics of the target users, to provide what the target user value, then you will certainly like a fly without head rattling around shit.

like my public number, first I was very clear, I want to write his own entrepreneurial experience, for the first time entrepreneurs want to start, at the same time with mature people, entrepreneurs, financial practitioners and investment circles, incubator staff, so early as "serial entrepreneur dry cargo notes".

is my good friend Qiqi beautiful action one day give me advice, now too much to write business public number, you have to focus on, so I re positioning for the "Internet business circles most understand accounting, the accounting profession most understand the Internet business, the field is definitely the most handsome"


in the clear positioning, it is necessary to do a series of things:

1 name

must take a short and strong and make people easy to remember the name, such as "a", "two", "action", "notes man" is very short and strong, don’t force, take the homonym of a unique name, such as "logic of thinking" Luo ", each time in order to emphasize the" Luo "is the surname Luo Luo, do not know how much waste of breath, Ronaldo admits that this" Luo "is the biggest mistake.

said this, tell me what will I bah "private" homesick, indeed, I am doing public number when is the moment, there is no good planning, this is my biggest mistake, every time I have to do this oral communication, persuasion: "private homesick old non private is private. Private, >

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