How to use grassroots thinking quickly landing something

Hello everyone, I am Liu Xin, I am a 90 Internet entrepreneurs. Currently in the new media to do this, we operate a number of WeChat on the large as well as some of the more popular WeChat H5 small applications.

this year I met a lot of entrepreneurs, including my former classmates and friends I know to Beijing, but unfortunately, most of them did not seem to be successful, most of them settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

my company is in the business street, I saw the street business entrepreneurs, I chat with them, I feel too many things, they say, are very large, but they can not afford to rent or even rent, or even eat. To do such a big thing, in fact, it is difficult to fall.

but entrepreneurs on the street in Beijing, after all, still in the center of entrepreneurship. They may be able to get financing, will know more friends, which will help them grow. Let them have a chance after hitting the wall.

but in many small places, three line four line five line city, there are a lot of people want to work, including many of my former friends, classmates, teachers, they never know what the Internet, but suddenly called me and said he wants to invest hundreds of thousands of savings to get someone to help him make a hit in APP these effects, they also have idal, and they often feel that their ideas are good, they often say, if I do this APP, is now able to subvert WeChat, is now able to subvert an industry……

I’m really speechless about these people. I think, I will play on the Internet since high school, when I took a few hundred dollars to buy virtual host and domain name, do today, success is still a one hundred and eight thousand, but at least I can play on the Internet, but also earn some money. Why? I think I’ve done too much, and the cost is very low.

landing fast, low cost, in fact, is in line with the Internet play. It is because of Internet entrepreneurs who also do not understand the whole, must through continuous trial and error adjustment. But often trial and error, the error is too big, the entrepreneurial team to the dead, and our costs are so low, falling so fast, you can continue to trial and error, try one hundred wrong, one is right when I was in the right thing on all in.

I came to talk about specific, my mind is how to fall some things, and two points.

(a) easy to use on the line

general Internet startups to do a APP or website, they will be very detailed to the design, the product is very fine, and then to communicate with the technology, and then do things out.

but there have a lot of problems, first of all, you spend a lot of time to engage in the design, research products, in fact you don’t represent your users, many entrepreneurs have never done successful experience, >

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