nterpretation of WeChat’s circle of friends to adjust the important purpose of the strategy

Since WeChat

more than three years of development, the strategy changes frequently, from the text, pictures, voice and video to the circle of friends, from the individual to the public, and access to the game application, each function and upgrade to hard to seize the user’s heart. So that WeChat has become rich and wonderful, instantly let WeChat stand on the world’s highest stage.

now WeChat user registration has exceeded 600 million, is the largest user groups in Asia mobile instant messaging software. 600 million of mobile users, WeChat let Tencent mobile Internet products to the world, got the first ticket to the mobile Internet, but also to the mobile Internet tide really pushed to the climax.

for this reason, WeChat marketing swept the Internet!

and now the public number of flooding, a lot of junk advertising push; the circle of friends helpless, many friends of the advertising scraper, purchasing, beauty, cosmetics, finance, seeking praise.


crazy, crazy circle of friends!


April 28th launched the people’s daily topic # away from the circle of friends #, netizens have Tucao, and sums up several major faction most abominable circle of friends:

1, Shuabing advertising group;

2, soul chicken soup inspirational group;

3, set like a gift sent there;

4, secret recipe health school;

5, relatives and friends overseas purchasing agency;

6, tattle and prate communication school.

circle of friends was shared between acquaintances, but filled with annoying ads, all kinds of chicken soup and other junk books ", as well as a variety of privacy, all kinds of the sun, now see the circle of friends is on a kidnapping vision.

only to Tianchang sigh: your world I really don’t want to understand


finally unbearable!May 21st

WeChat official said: WeChat circle of friends and acquaintances chain constitutes a small, intimate circle, it is not a marketing platform. We do not encourage the use of personal micro signal for marketing, in order to protect the user experience platform environment purification, WeChat will add to part through a large number of friends in business marketing contact number of individual micro signal, and the report of the micro signal more involved fake and infringement of commercial users, handled according to relevant laws and regulations.

WeChat this strategy is mainly aimed at regulating the behavior of malicious marketing and friends to make adjustments to the upper limit, that is, WeChat personal friends limit 5000 people. Friends here refers to the upper limit of WeChat address book friends, WeChat group of friends is not affected.


from the point of view of the adjustment strategy, there are two points worth thinking about:

1, WeChat circle of friends is a social platform rather than marketing >

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