The interaction of Witkey website has more effect than the blog marketing

is the first domestic brand appliances — Guangdong dragon group issued 8000 yuan for task LOGO in the pig website in December 25, 2007, this is the home appliance industry for the first time by way of collecting ideas witkey. The pig is interactive website, because the dragon group is optimistic about the Witkey good.

is a member of Witkey website can choose to participate in every task as long as there is a reasonable price, reasonable price, the customer will get high quality works. In a process of Witkey task, firstly he must understand the details of this task, including the company’s various aspects, such as the products of the company, the main business scope, the size of the company. It can be said that in the process of advertising business, no advertising effect can be more interactive than the witkey.

Guangdong dragon group relevant responsible person said, the dragon is positioning boutique small household appliances, unlike traditional small appliances, Witkey with our product consumer groups have agreed, in this, we refer to the website more. Previously published in the forum, also released the product information in this blog, after comparison, the final choice of the cattle domestic Witkey network. And the choice of pig site because he is WEB2.0, with the largest Witkey network cooperation, with a smaller price, brand image with this group of consumer groups, with brand awareness, the advertising effect is several times than others. He is the biggest benefit is to interact with the brand of Witkey, can really into each person’s heart, Witkey in task, a lifetime may have long remember. Our boutique small household electrical appliances, both rational products, but also emotional products, it is not necessary to buy, but he may fancy a certain point of the product to buy.

it is understood that the Guangdong dragon group in the pig eight quit site LOGO task has now been 15833 people concerned, the registration of the people, to collect the 436 manuscripts, there are 39 exchange of views. The responsible for the current effect is very satisfied, he said: to do anything, we always like to see the effect of the two aspects, one thing itself, the two is related. From the perspective of Witkey website task, we see a number of good articles and participation, use a penny to do two cents to do."

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