How to make their products get crazy pass

marketing professor Jonathan · Berger "Crazy" (Contajious) a book summarizes why an article can get crazy, what kind of content can cause a large number of people. The topic is positive, after reading the reader excited. Or let the user is very angry and panic. In addition, let the reader feel not only clever and well-informed, informed by the pro gaze. Practical and easy to remember content. Valuable story. These are high sharing articles.

promote the advantages of their products

as an enterprise marketing, how to make their own propaganda products get high scores to enjoy the amount, in fact, can get some ideas. In the era of a strong marketing, marketing is a very important way to promote their products through advertisements, such as "Frestech good advertising, as Frestech refrigerator do well" Diao "choose the right, you do not choose the" "mother," and so on, feet are getting through active good marketing effect to the propaganda. Advertising language is popular, products also will win the market. So in the Internet age, how to make their products through new channels, through marketing to get the market?

in addition to the traditional marketing channels, in the emerging Internet, social media, to promote the advantages of their products, to bring benefits to the user, to meet the needs of customers. It is the most direct way to gain the market by strengthening the product advantages of the people. For example, fresh electricity supplier, through the promotion of the quality of their products to be recognized; organic products through the Internet to promote the whole process of organic products industry chain, to get the favor of consumers.

establish a good image of their own business

now the Internet, mobile Internet has been developed. People are used to paying attention to the news every day. Through the establishment of a good image of the enterprise, the brand image can be established. For example, through the publicity of their own publicity; corporate culture, employee activities are good way. And these public welfare activities, staff cultural activities into attractive articles or stories.

For example,

before the network crazy look at XX company staff offices in the office is not dull, tables and chairs, there are a variety of decoration in the office, female employees are dolls, humidifier, male employees in the lounge can play billiards, also has a novel scene office provided inspiration to employees. The reason why we can get crazy pass, this article is to meet the desire of people to have an atmosphere of the office of desire. Through the promotion of foreign staff incentive plan, corporate culture, are attractive marketing.

content marketing is easier to get users favor

in addition to doing a wide range of people to make a wide range of companies or products, soft content marketing is a growing emphasis on marketing. For example, Johnson through the establishment of micro-blog, for the new mother >

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