Businesses how to make use of price cuts to do micro marketing applications


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May enterprise branch eye out, see the beginning of a child. The results of the R & D department like pomegranate flowers flowery bloom. New application of pig CMS this week — price shoot strong online!

this is a magical application.

every few minutes, the price of goods will fall once.

Socrates said: "this river is not just entered into the river", is that 998 is now you see commodity prices, a minute later became 899! Is it amazing? You are not blind, is not stupid, just take too strong CMS pig price. (please consciously knee)

this is a heartbeat application.

every minute, the price and inventory of goods will be refreshed once. The passage of time gradually and gradually reduce the inventory, the lowest price and then wait for the shoot? Too naï ve, has been robbed ah Hey! Hand slowly not grab ah Hey! Brother Liu Huan tell you the hit when you forget?


child heart level comparable to the Spring Festival rush red wars…… Child, and happy. (Note: the heart, please participate in the auction accompanied by family members.


is behind the big boss businesses can be independently set in the system of commodity prices fell, and the starting price, the lowest price of goods. Hold the hand chop Party’s economic lifeline, in this war without smoke auction fanshouweiyun rain, then embarked on the pinnacle of life.

for those who do not buy a shot of the customer, businesses do not have to worry about, within 30 minutes without payment, his baby will be the merchant did not receive inventory…

at the same time, businesses can set whether you need to participate in the activities of the fans attention to function, and set up powder; "whether need detailed information to collect information of fans, precision marketing. In addition, the customer’s auction order information, can be in the background order management, view.

whether it is the business of new products on the market, limited edition explosion promotion, or anniversary, special festivals to send concessions, you can use the pig CMS price cut feature to attract customers.

market environment is changing rapidly, the traditional electricity supplier model has been difficult to stand. Pig CMS new price shoot applications, breaking the traditional electricity supplier sales model, is a business rose pink powder, improve the viscosity of the necessary tool for fans. Innovative electricity supplier sales model to create a unique user experience, will be more favored by consumers. Price shot in hand, the world I have.

pig CMS price shoot application has now joined the micro electricity supplier luxury package, do electricity supplier, you deserve to have.

how to take advantage of the pig CMS price shot to do micro marketing


for example, the Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, businesses can take advantage of this feature >

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